Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Nuts

The Nobel Peace Prize? Are they serious? When I first heard that BHO won the Nobel Peace Prize I thought my co-workers were pulling my leg. I had to verify through three independent news services just to convince myself that this was true. What are those guys smoking and where can I get some, it's powerful stuff and maybe I can use it to convince liberals they are conservative.
The President was nominated for this award not two weeks into his administration. What did he do in those two weeks or even prior to his presidency to merit what is supposed to a prestigious prize dedicated to those who selflessly give of themselves to help ensure the safety and security of others. Did President Obama clear land mines in war torn countries at great personal risk? Did he sit down between two warring nations and bring about peace? Did he create the forerunner of the United Nations? NO! In his first few weeks he forced through a stimulus bill that hasn't produced it's intended affect and increased debt and then began preparations for the great apology tour.
So we know the President did nothing to earn this award except have good intentions, use lots of rhetoric, and trash the people who elected him on the international stage. Using this award to show disapproval of one man (President Bush) by awarding this to three nonentities (Carter, Gore, Obama), who just happen to oppose him politically, has turned this award from a vision of personal achievement to aspire to into a political tool and a joke.

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Samaya Young said...

Oh good. I thought it was just me. I actually find it a little insulting that the man got it for "intentions" that haven't even panned out yet...if ever...while there are those who have actually spent a lifetime imprisoned, or dedicating themselves to helping others at great personal cost.
This would be like me getting the Nobel prize for not "wanting" people to suffer, or something. *sigh*
They're all bonkers, I tell ya!
Long time no see/read.
Hope you're doing well?
Have a great weekend,