Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catching the Train

I am back from vacation and decided it is time to catch up to current events. In fact I have been back a while and there has been so much that I am not sure where to start so let's drive by everything and see where we stand.

Roman Polanski-- Any adult male that has sex with a 13 year old is a criminal and anyone who defends this behavior in any way is certifiably nuts!

Obama and the Olympics-- You will rarely hear me defend President Obama but on this one I say that he is desperate to give Americans some good news since all of his policies and decisions have been blowing up in his face. He felt like there was a shot at making the Olympics in Chicago a reality and he gave it a shot. Big deal. Some will say that it lowers the respect of American President's in the eyes of the world, I say that his international blunders and pandering to our enemies over the last 10 months have already done that and it can't get any worse. On the other hand, don't expect me to cry over the first families sacrifice in making the attempt, give me a break.

Health care-- Liberals continue to believe that everyone who protested government (socialized) health care over the summer are A)fewer than indicated B)racist idiots C)Undereducated idiots being mind washed by Rush and Glen D)Need someone to take care of them since they are incapable of making decisions for themselves. I have never seen a group of people so blinded by illogical ideology that they can't realize just how unpopular their positions are. I almost hope they get everything they hope for because after living with the consequences there won't be enough liberals in congress to oppose the reversal of this legislation.

Man Made Global Climate Change--Still junk science, I will give (let me check my bank account) 150 dollars to the first person to invent a time machine, go back a few hundred thousand years, set up a climate observation satellite and prove to me that this isn't a natural climate cycle. Since this is highly unlikely the only thing that we have to depend on is current science and the only thing we have that is even remotely supportable through scientific method is geologists claims that the earth has undergone similar changes long before humans began doing anything remotely resembling pollution.

David Letterman-- Mixed opinions here. He is a guy that abused his position to have sex with employees. None of the women have sued him, none filed complaints and I have heard none come forward with concerns that if they didn't sleep with them they would lose their jobs. As far as I know none of these ocured while he was married but he was in a serious relationship with his current wife. So the bottom line what he did was morally wrong but not illegal. If anything this is a private matter and he has a lot to do to make things right with her but it is none of mine or anyone elses business. He is still an idiot for the Sarah Palin comments this summer though.

Janene Garofalo-- No one cares, shut up and crawl back in your hole.

Rush Limbaugh buying the Rams-- Hooray for Rush! If I was a huge success and had money falling out of places I didn't know I had I would buy my favorite NFL team, Donate money to my favorite college team so they could set the record for seating capacity, buy my least favorite baseball team so I could drive them into last place (hehe), and finally I would laugh at all the people criticizing me for it because I am an unashamed capitalist (a poor one but I believe in the opportunity to succeed through my own merits and don't expect anyone to give me anything).

War in Afghanistan-- Idiots, If you are going to fight, fight to win. Anything less is a waste of the sacrifices being made by our Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and Marines. I believe our presence in Afghanistan is vital to our national security, it prevents Al Qaida from establishing a safe zone to operate and train from and our proximity encourages cooperation from Pakistan in what little support they offer. In other words a somewhat insecure hide out in Pakistan is better than free reign in Afghanistan, us leaving would open a floodgate and the Taliban would welcome them with open arms. If we aren't going to give the military leaders what they need to succesfully win this campain then bring them home and we will return to our Pre 9-11 way of ignoring problems until they give us a black eye.

There is more but I have stood on the soapbox long enough today.

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